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"[[Name-of-the-Father]] ([[Fr]]. ''[[Nom-du-Père]]'')
The [[Name of the Father]]' (Fr. ‘’Nom du père’’) , is the [[signifier]] associated with the [[signified]] [[concept]] of the [[father]].
The name of the Father is a [[symbolic]] formation.
==Jacques Lacan==
---===Fundamental Signifier===
A few years later, in the [[seminar]] on the [[psychoses]], the expression becomes capitalized and hyphenated and takes on a more precise meaning; the [[Name-of-the-Father]] is now the [[fundamental signifier]] which permits [[signification]] to proceed normally.
If this [[signifier]] is [[foreclosed]] (not included in the [[symbolic order]]), the result is [[psychosis]].
In [[Lacan]]'s 1955-6 [[seminar]], [[The Psychoses]], the [[name-of-the-father]] is described as the fundamental [[signifier]] that both confers [[identity]] on [[human]] [[subject]]s by situating them in a lineage and the [[symbolic]] [[order]], and reiterates the [[prohibition]] on [[incest]].  ===Other===
In another work on [[psychosis]], [[Lacan]] represents of the [[Oedipus complex]] as a [[metaphor]] ([[paternal metaphor]]), in which one [[signifier]] (the [[Name-of-the-Father]]) substitutes another (the [[desire]] of the [[mother]]).
The [[foreclosure]] of the [[name-of-the-father]], or its expulsion from the [[subject]]'s [[symbolic]] universe, is said by [[Lacan]] to be the mechanism that triggers [[psychosis]].
If this signifier is foreclosed (not included in the symbolic order), the result is [[psychosis]].
Nevertheless, [[Jacques Lacan]] developed this concept with the ultimately unsuccessful aim of curing psychosis.
==Outside Language==
The [[phallus]], as a [[representation]] of [[mastery]], can never be reached.
The [[father]] is above or [[outside]] the [[structure]] of [[language]].
[[Language]] relies on the [[absence]] of the [[phallus]] from the [[structure]] of [[signification]].
[[Language]] would not make sense, or produce [[meaning]], if the [[phallus]] were not '[[outside]]'.
Nothing can be thought that is ''outside'' of language, but the phallus ''is'' there and therefore structures the whole system of thought accordingly.
==Freud vs Lacan==
In ''[[Totem and Taboo]]'', [[Sigmund Freud]]
There was a [[father]] which the brothers killed.
The brothers felt guilty about killing their [[father]].
==See Also==
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* [[Signifier]]
* Lacan, Jacques. (2002). The subversion of the subject and the dialectic of desire in the Freudian subconscious. In Écrits: A selection (Bruce Fink, Trans.). New York: Norton.
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