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Legislative and Prohibitive Function
=====Legislative and Prohibitive Function=====
The rexpression is at once a semi-humorous [[religion|religious]] allusion (''In nomine patris'') and a play on the near-homonyms '''''non''''' and '''''nom''''': the [[name-of-the-father]] ('''''le nom du père''''') is also the [[father]]'s "'''no'''" ('''''le "non" du père''''') to the [[child]]'s [[incest]]uous [[desire]] for its [[mother]].
From the beginning [[Lacan]] plays on the homophony of '''''le nom du père''''' ('''the [[Name-of-the-Father|name of the father]]''') and '''''le 'non' du père''''' ('''the "[[law|no]]" of the [[father]]'''), to emphasize the '''[[law|legislative and prohibitive function]]''' of the '''[[symbolic]] [[father]]'''.

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