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In the early 1970s, [[Lacan]] turned his attention more and more to the [[place]] of ''jouissance'' in [[human]] [[sexuality]], the field he had discussed with such subtety in the late 1950s with the [[theoretical]] tools of [[desire]] and the [[phallus]]. Whereas [[language]] and ''[[jouissance]]'' had remained distinct in mot of his formulations until now, Lacan argued that '''there is a side to language which is itself a [[form]] of ''jouissance'''. If language was traditionally seen as made up of [[signifier]]s, each of which was linked to [[another]] [[signifier]], he now proposed that there was a [[signifier]] without such [[links]]... a One, which makes up "[[lalangue]]", an amalgam of [[libido]] and [[signifier]]s.
[[Language]] is now shown to have not only effects of [[meaning]] and [[signification]], but direct effects of ''[[jouissance]]''. These [[ideas]] complicated the received [[notion]] that the [[libido]] and ''[[jouissance]]'' were different in [[nature]] from [[linguistic]] elements.
{{Encore}} pp. 44, 84, 101, 106, 132, 138-39, 141-42, 143
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