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Objet (petit) a

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Object-Cause of Desire
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===Object-Cause of Desire===From 1963 onwards, '''h0k2co <i>a<href="http://i>''' comes increasingly to acquire connotations of the [[real]], although it never loses its [[imaginary]] status; in 1973 [[Lacan]] can still say that it is [[imaginary]]cksuiyhvxfsg.<refcom/">{{S20}} p. 77cksuiyhvxfsg</refa> From this point on, ''[[objet (petit) a|aurl=]]'' denotes the tosboauibyfu[[object/url]] which can never be attained, which is really the [[causelink=]] of insicyevoanr[[desire]] rather than that towards which [[desire]] tends; this is why [[Lacan]] now calls it the "[[objet (petit) a|object-cause]]" of [[desire]/link],
===Object of Drive===
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