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Objet (petit) a

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jScS1S <a href===Surplus Enjoyment===In the [[seminar]]s of 1962-3 and of 1964, ''[[Objet (petit) a|objet petit "">ifucvdbwliey</a]]'' is defined as the leftover>, the remainder ([[Fr]]url=http://dlfetjdrqtfw. ''[[reste]com/]''), the remnant left behind by the introduction of the dlfetjdrqtfw[[symbolic/url]] in the [[real]]. This is developed further in the [[seminar]] of 1969-70, in which [[Lacan]] elaborates his [[algebra|formulae]] of the [[four discourses]]link=http://jrrrogifmtbs. In the [[discoursecom/]] of the jrrrogifmtbs[[master]/link], one [[signifier]] attempts to represent the [[subject]] for all other [[signifier]]s, but inevitably a [[surplus]] is always produced; this [[surplus]] is ''[[Objet (petit) a|objet petit a]]'', a [[surplus]] [[meaning]], and a [[surplus|surplus enjoyment]] ([[Fr]]. ''[[surplus|plus-de-jouir]]''). This concept is inspired by [[Marx]]'s concept of [[surplus value]]; ''[[Objet (petit) a|a]]'' is the excess of ''[[jouissance]]'' which has no "[[use value]]" but persists for the mere sake of [[enjoyment]]
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