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==Freudian Dictionary==
<blockquote>Ego's [[repression]]-[[resistance ]] (that is, the [[unpleasure ]] felt by it at undertaking the severe [[work ]] imposed upon it).<ref>{{OoPA}} Ch. 6</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>The ego protects itself against the incursion of undesirable elements from the [[unconscious ]] and [[repressed ]] id by means of anti-[[cathexes]], which must remain intact if it is to function normally. The more hardly the ego feels itself pressed, the more convlulsively it clings (in [[terror]], as it were) to these anticathexes, in [[order ]] to protect what remains of it from further irruptions .... The ego shrinks from undertakings that seem dangerous and threaten unpleasure; it must be constantly spurred on and soothed down if it is not to fail us. This resistance, which persists through the [[whole ]] [[treatment ]] and is renewed with every fresh piece of work, has been named, though not quite correctly, repression-resistance.<ref>{{OoPA}} Ch. 6</ref></blockquote>
{{Freudian Dictionary}}
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