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Conversations with Žižek

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=====Book Description=====
[[Image:Conversations.jpg|200px|thumb|Book Cover]]
In this new book, [[Slavoj Žižek ]] and Glyn Daly engage in a series of entertaining conversations which illustrate the originality of Žižek’s [[thinking ]] on [[psychoanalysis]], [[philosophy]], [[multiculturalism]], popular/cyber [[culture]], [[totalitarianism]], [[ethics ]] and [[politics]].* An excellent introduction to one of the most engaging and controversial [[cultural ]] theorists [[writing ]] today.* Žižek is a Slovenian [[sociologist ]] who trained as a [[Lacanian ]] and uses [[Lacan ]] to [[analyse ]] [[popular culture ]] and politics.
* Illustrates the originality of Zizek’s thinking on psychoanalysis, philosophy, multi-culturalism, popular/cyber culture, totalitarianism, ethics and politics.
* Provides a unique glimpse of Žižek’s humour and [[character ]] and offers new [[material ]] and fresh perspectives which will be of interest to followers of Zizek’s writings.
=====Product Details=====
{| style="width:100%; border:1px solid #aaa;text-align:left; line-height:2.0em; padding-left:10px;"
|width="100%"| [[Slavoj Žižek|Zizek, Slavoj]] and [[Glyn Daly]]. '''''[[Conversations with Žižek|Conversations with Zizek (Conversations) [ILLUSTRATED]]]'''''. [[London]]: Polity Press. December 1, 2003, Paperback, 184 pages, [[Language ]] [[English]], ISBN: 0745628974. <small>Buy it at [], [], [], [] or [].</small>
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