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Gaze and Voice as Love Objects

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Žižek, S. and Salecl, R. (eds) (1996) [[Gaze ]] and [[Voice ]] as [[Love ]] [[Objects]],Durham: Duke [[University ]] Press.
This fascinating collection of essays (mainly written by Žižek's
co-conspirators in the Slovenian [[school ]] of [[Lacan]]) contains two contri-
butions from Žižek. The first article discusses the gaze and the voice
(and indeed just [[about ]] everything else). The second article focuses on[[Wagner ]] and proceeds from the basic [[Lacanian ]] [[thesis ]] that 'there is no[[sexual ]] [[relationship]]' because there is a constitutive [[antagonism ]] in therelationship between man and [[woman]]. Love is the [[lure ]] or mirage which
endeavours to conceal this antagonism. As these are some of Lacan's
most difficult [[ideas ]] to grasp, this volume (particularly Mladen [[Dolar]]'stwo essays) provides a very useful [[supplement ]] to their [[discussion ]] in
Žižek's monographs.
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