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1971 (8 pp.)-L1TURATERRE-1971
This was the opening [[text ]] of the [[third ]] issue of the new journal of [[Vincennes]], Litterature, devoted to "Litterature et [[psychanalyse]]" ([[Literature ]] and [[psycho]]- u. L'hommuiTlZIIII sounds like au-moins-un. at least one, and like /'[[homme ]] moins un, man minus one.
The Wom of Jacques laceR 221
[[analysis]]). Enigmatic because it is so elliptical, it consists of a succession of short paragraphs without any [[apparent ]] link, aphorisms, plays on [[words]], tor�tuous syntax. As in 1956, [[Lacan ]] stilI enjoyed [[being ]] "the Gongora of psycho�analysis" (32), even if, in 1970, he had a lot of competition. Indeed that is the effect of this text if it is read separately. However, the themes of Seminaire XVlll (78) shed some light on it, notably the [[session ]] of May 12, 1971, also entitled "Lituraterre"; it shows how, to Lacan, "[[speech]]" [/a [[parole]]] becomes "[[writing]]" [ecrit] .... The title, which plays on "litura" and "littera," is justified by [[Joyce ]] who slides from "a [[letter]]" to "a litter."· This sliding was already [[present ]] in the 1956 analysis of The Pur/oined Letter (31). Poe's short story was studied again during the 1970-1971 [[seminar]]; here, we only find bits and pieces of it. However, let us acknowledge the elegance of Lacan's gesture of deleting the following attack against [[Marie Bonaparte]]: "A [[psychoanalyst ]] who has scoured Poe's [[other ]] [[texts ]] withdraws here with her mop." As for the pun on "literal" and "littoral" (hence litura-terre, IituraterrirW), the seminar explains it: "Isn't the letter the literal, which grounds itself in the littoral [ ... ]. The littoral is what establishes an entire [[domain ]] as bordering [[another]], but pre�cisely from the fact that they have absolutely [[nothing ]] in common, not even a reciprocal relation. [ ... ] Between [[jouissance ]] and [[knowledge]], the letter would make the littoral."
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