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==Freudian Dictionary==
<blockquote>Everything unconscious that can easily [[exchange ]] the unconscious condition for the [[conscious ]] one, is better described as "capable of entering consciousness," or as ''preconscious''.<ref>{{OoPA}} Ch. 4</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>From a purely descriptive point of view, the "preconscious" is also unconscious, but we do not give it that [[name]], except when we are [[speaking ]] loosely, or when we have to [[defend ]] in general the [[existence ]] of unconscious [[processes ]] in [[mental ]] [[life]].<ref>{{NILP}} Ch. 3</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>That which is [[latent]], and only unconscious in the. descriptive and not in the [[dynamic ]] [[sense]], we call ''preconscious''; the term unconscious we reserve for the dynamically unconscious [[repressed]], so that we now have [[three ]] [[terms]], conscious (Cs), preconscious (Pcs), and unconscious (Ucs), which are no longer purely descriptive in sense.<ref>{{E&I}} Ch. 1</ref></blockquote>
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