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Collected Works of Andrei Platonov


“Rarely does literature come this close to being music.”

“To preserve Beckett, Kafka and the Russian Andrei Platonov I would be ready to burn all other books!”
— Slavoj Žižek

Preface by Joseph Brodsky
Translations by Thomas P. Whitney, Carl R. Proffer, Alexey A. Kiselev, Marion Jordan, Friederike Snyder
English translations 1978 by Ardis
ISBN 0-88233-134-5


Preface to The Foundation Pit (Joseph Brodsky)
THE FOUNDATION PIT (Thomas P. Whitney)
THE BARREL ORGAN. A Play in Three Acts (Cari R. Proffer)
The Epifan Locks (Marion Jordan)
The Potudan River (Alexey A. Kiselev)
Homecoming (Alexey A. Kiselev)
Light of Life (Alexey A. Kiselev)
The Cow (Alexey A. Kiselev)
The Takyr (Marion Jordan)
The Third Son (Alexey A. Kiselev)
Fro (Alexey A. Kiselev)
The City of Gradov (Friederike Snyder)
Makar the Doubtful (Alexey A. Kiselev)