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==violent revolution==
<blockquote>This acceptance of [[violence]], this "[[political ]] suspension of the [[ethical]]," is the [[limit ]] of that which even the most "tolerant" [[liberal ]] stance is unable to trespass - [[witness ]] the uneasiness of "radical" post-colonialist Afro-American studies apropos of [[Frantz Fanon]]'s fundamental insight into the unavoidability of violence in the [[process ]] of effective [[decolonization]]. One should [[recall ]] here [[Fredric Jameso]]n's [[idea ]] that violence plays in a revolutionary process the same [[role ]] as worldly wealth in the Calvinist [[logic ]] of [[predestination]]: although it has no intrinsic [[value]], it is a [[sign ]] of the authenticity of the revolutionary process, of the fact that this process is effectively disturbing the existing [[power ]] relations. In [[other ]] [[words]], the [[dream ]] of the revolution without violence is precisely the dream of a "[[revolution without revolution]]"(Robespierre). On the other hand, the role of the Fascist [[spectacle ]] of violence is exactly opposite: it is a violence whose aim is to PREVENT the [[true ]] [[change ]] - something spectacular should happen all the [[time ]] so that, precisely, [[nothing ]] would really happen.<ref>violence</ref></blockquote>
* [[Seize the Day: Lenin's Legacy]]
* [[The Leninist Freedom]]
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