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The Praxis of Alain Badiou

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==Book Description==
Following the publication of his magnum opus ''L’être et l’événement'' (''[[Being ]] and [[Event]]'') in 1988, [[Alain ]] [[Badiou ]] has been acclaimed as one of France’s greatest [[living ]] [[philosophers]]. Since then, he has released a dozen books, including ''Manifesto for [[Philosophy]]'', ''[[Conditions]]'', ''[[Metapolitics]]'' and ''Logiques des mondes'' (''Logics of Worlds''), many of which are now available in [[English ]] [[translation]]. Badiou writes on an extraordinary array of topics, and his [[work ]] has already had an impact upon studies in the [[history ]] of philosophy, the history and philosophy of [[science]], [[political ]] philosophy, [[aesthetics]], [[psychoanalysis]], and [[ontology]]. This volume takes up the challenge of explicating, extending and, in many places, criticising Badiou’s stunningly original theses. Above all, the essays collected here put Badiou’s [[concepts ]] to the [[test ]] in a confrontation with the four great headings that he himself has [[identified ]] as essential to our humanity: science, [[love]], art and [[politics]]. Many of the contributors have already been recognised as outstanding translators of and commentators on Badiou’s work; they appear here with fresh voices also destined to make a mark.
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