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Jacques-Alain Miller

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'''Jacques-[[Alain ]] Miller''' - the son-in-law of [[France|French]] [[psychoanalysis|psychoanalyst]] [[Jacques Lacan]] (in 1967 he [[married ]] [[Lacan]]'s daughter [[Jacques-Alain Miller|Judith Miller]]) - is a prominent [[Lacanian ]] [[psychoanalyst]].
'''Jacques-Alain Miller''' is a prominent Lacanian psychoanalyst, if not the pre-eminent Lacanian psychoanalyst. As a student at the [[École Normale Supérieure]], he met Lacan in 1964 while attending his [[seminars ]] at the rue d'Ulm. After having read everything Lacan had thus far published, he asked him, "Does your [[notion ]] of the [[subject ]] imply an [[ontology]]?" and an entente was made with him. In 1966 he founded ''Cahiers pour l'[[Analyse]]'', a seminal publication whose editorial board included Alain [[Badiou]], François Regnault and [[Jean-Claude Milner]]. He was the editor of ''[[Ornicar]]?'' when Lacan announced the [[dissolution ]] of L'Ecole Française de [[Psychanalyse]], and the foundation of L'École de la [[Cause ]] Freudienne.
At the École Normale Supérieure, Miller studied with [[Louis Althusser]] at the same [[time ]] as [[Jacques Derrida]] and [[Jacques Rancière]], but soon he was following the [[teachings ]] of [[Jacques Lacan]] who in 1964 has been appointed lecturer at the École Pratique des Hautes [[Etudes]]. [[Althusser ]] assigned him the task of [[reading ]] of "all of Lacan" and Miller carried out the task admiringly: it is him who asks Lacan the famous question: "Does your notion of the subject imply an ontology?" In time he would become instrumental in Lacan's Ecole Freudienne de [[Paris]]. When Lacan moves to the [[University ]] of [[Vincennes ]] - the Department of [[Psychoanalysis ]] is renamed "Le [[Champ ]] freudien" - Lacan becomes its director, and Jacques-Alain Miller the president. Lacan's dissolution of the École Française de Psychanalyse in 1980 is followed by the creation of La [[cause freudienne]]. Soon he dies leaving Miller as the sole editor of his Seminars, an endeavor that will require Miller's entire [[life]].
Jacques-Alain Miller, who had married Lacan's daughter, started in 1983 his own weekly seminars, called "L'Orientation lacanienne" intended to expound and elucidate Lacan's [[work]]. As the editor of Jacques Lacan's seminars, having so far published half of [[them ]] in [[French]]. He also supervised the [[English ]] translations of Lacan's work: "[[Écrits]]", and the seminars, "The Four Fundamental [[Concepts ]] of Psychoanalysis", "The [[Ethics ]] of Psychoanalysis", ''[[Encore ]] - On [[feminine ]] [[Sexuality]]''. In 2001 he started a series of [[public ]] interventions on behalf of the independence of psychoanalysis vis-à-vis [[government ]] [[control ]] in [[France]]. He wrote ''First [[Letter ]] addressed by Jacques-Alain Miller to An Enlightened Public'', "Clear Like Day Letter" and "The Tenderness of [[Terrorism]]" where he asserted that "an [[analyst ]] is only authorized by her/himself (Lacan's dictum: l'[[analyste ]] ne s'autorise que de lui-même).
At the same time Miller was [[responsible ]] for an enormous expansion of Lacanian study groups throughout the [[world]]: Spain, Great [[Britain ]] and Italy in [[Europe]], and [[Argentina ]] and [[Brazil ]] in [[Latin ]] America. In the early nineties, Miller's work began to be translated into English and published in the [[United States ]] through the New York-based [[cultural ]] journal [[Lacanian Ink]]. More recently [[other ]] groups have taken root in America, notably in Omaha, Nebraska and around Columbia University in New York. In 1992 Miller set up the [[World Association of Psychoanalysis]], WAP, in [[order ]] to advance Lacan's teachings. Today it has over a thousand members in Europe, America and Australia. The WAP creates [[Schools ]] that transmit psychoanalysis, ensure the [[formation ]] of [[analysts]], [[guarantee ]] their qualification and the quality of their [[practice]].
Within the [[frame ]] of his "Orientation lacanienne" Miller works in conjunction with other European [[philosophers ]] such as [[Slavoj Zizek]] and [[Alain Badiou]].
*[ Jacques-Alain Miller Live] Ten Lectures at France-[[Culture ]] - Summer 2005
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