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Chantal Mouffe

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'''Chantal Mouffe''' ([[born ]] 1943 in Charleroi, Belgium) is a [[Belgian ]] [[political theorist]]. She is a Professor in the [[University ]] of Westminster and she co-authored ''[[Hegemony and Socialist Strategy]]'' with [[Ernesto Laclau]]. Their [[thoughts ]] are usually described as post-[[Marxist ]] as they were both politically [[active ]] in the [[social ]] and student movements of the 1960s and were thus active [[working ]] [[class ]] and new social movements (notably second-wave [[feminism]] in Mouffe's [[case]]). They rejected [[Marxism|Marxist]] [[economic determinism]] and the [[notion ]] of [[class struggle]] [[being ]] the single crucial [[antagonism]] in [[society]]. Instead they urged for radical [[democracy]] of [[agonistic pluralism]] where all [[antagonisms ]] could be expressed. In their opinion, "...there is no possibility of society without antagonism," which is why they claimed that "society does not [[exist]]."
*''Gramsci and Marxist [[Theory]]''. [[London ]] – Boston: Routledge / Kegan [[Paul]], 1979. (editor)*''[[Hegemony ]] and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic [[Politics]]''. London – New York: Verso, 1985. (with [[Ernesto Laclau]])*''Dimensions of Radical Democracy: Pluralism, [[Citizenship]], [[Community]]''. London – New York: Verso, 1992. (editor)*''The [[Return ]] of the [[Political]]''. London – New York: Verso, 1993.*''Le politique et ses enjeux. Pour une démocratie plurielle''. [[Paris]]: La Découverte/MAUSS, 1994.*''[[Deconstruction ]] and [[Pragmatism]]''. London – New York: Routledge, 1996. (editor)*''The Challenge of Carl [[Schmitt]]''. London – New York: Verso, 1999. (editor)*''The Democratic [[Paradox]]''. London – New York: Verso, 2000.*''Feministische Perspektiven''. Wien: Turia + [[Kant]], 2001. (co-editor)
*''The legacy of Wittgenstein: Pragmatism or Deconstruction''. Frankfurt am Main – New York: Peter Lang, 2001. (co-editor)
*''On the Political''. Abingdon – New York: Routledge, 2005.
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