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[[resistance ]] ([[French]]: ''[[résistance]]'')
[[Freud]] first used the term '[[resistance]]' to desig-nate designate the unwillingness to [[recall]] [[repressed]] [[memories]] to [[consciousness]].
Since [[psychoanalytic treatment]] involves precisely such [[recollection]], the term soon came to denote all those obstacles that arise during the [[treatment]] and interrupt its [[progress]]: "Whatever disturbs the progress of the work isa resistance."<ref>Freud, 1900a: SE V, 517</ref>
[[Resistance]] manifests itself in all the ways inwhich the [[subject]] breaks the '[[fundamental rule]]' of saying everything that comes into his mind.
Though present in [[Freud]]'s work from the beginning, the concept of [[resistance]] began to play an increasingly important part in [[psychoanalytic theory]] as a result of the decreasing efficacy of [[analytic treatment]] in the decade 1910-20.

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