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  • ...oncept. The [[English]] term also carries with it the same allusions to [[Hegel]]'s ''[[Begierde]]'' as are carried by the [[French]] term, and thus retain ...d — even if later on Lacan emphasized the [[difference]] between his and Hegel's positions (Lacan, 1977 [1959], pp. 292-325).
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  • ====Hegel and Heidegger==== [[Death]] plays an important [[role]] in the [[philosophical]] systems of [[Hegel]] and [[Heidegger]], and [[Lacan]] draws on both of these in his theorisati
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  • Idealism” (a succinct 1796 manifesto authored by either Hölderlin or Hegel) have amassed. While carefully taking these historical changes into conside ...historical/dialectical materialism. Key examples of this include [[three]] books by Engels (''[[Dialectics of Nature]]'', 1883, ''[[Anti-Dühring]]'', 1887,
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  • His most popular books were the two volumes of [[Gilles Deleuze|Capitalism and Schizophrenia: Anti that both stress becoming through repetition. By becoming-[[other]] to Hegel, Deleuze ironically supports and augments his philosophy.
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  • ...sopher. He bridged the gap that existed between [[Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel|Hegelian]] philosophy and what was to become [[Existentialism]]. Kierkegaa ...r, Anne Sørensdatter Lund Kierkegaard, is not directly referred to in his books, although she too affected his later writings. Despite his father's occasi
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  • ...s he, Althusser, is trying to rethink [[Marxism]] without any reference to Hegel’s absolute subject, he sees Lacan as trying to [[think]] psychoanalysis w ...owth of [[French]] phenomenology and he was influenced by the thought of [[Hegel]] and [[Heidegger]]. Structuralism offered Lacan a way of talking about sys
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  • Materialism and Empiriocriticism, there is NO PLACE FOR DIALECTICS, FOR HEGEL. What are Lenin's basic thesis? The [[rejection]] to reduce [[knowledge]] t ...ame problem as [[Adorno]] in his "[[negative]] dialectics": how to combine Hegel's legacy of the critique of every immediacy, of the [[subjective]] mediatio
    164 KB (26,048 words) - 17:09, 20 May 2019
  • ...between the Western consummerist way of life and the Muslim radicalism: [[Hegel]] and [[Nietzsche]]. Is this antagonism not the one between what Nietzsche, apropos this gaze, one should gather the strength and apply to it also Hegel's well-known dictum that the Evil resides (also) in the innocent gaze itsel
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  • ...nly of his human embodiment) — which is why, for Lacan, who follows here Hegel, the Thing in itself is ultimately the gaze, not the perceived object. So, ...Do Dual Organizations Exist?", in Structural Anthropology (New York: Basic Books 1963), p. 131-163; the drawings are on pages 133-134.
    64 KB (10,730 words) - 19:53, 20 May 2019
  • ...of passions is cliche and I find it very suspicious. I would like to quote Hegel here: 'The true evil is an attitude which perceives evil everywhere.' I am ...e manner: click here, go there, use this fragment, that story or scene. My books are already failed CD-ROMs, as someone told me. But because of copyright, i
    29 KB (5,034 words) - 00:05, 22 May 2006
  • ...seen from two different stations, or points of view. It is rather that, as Hegel would have put it, subject and object are inherently "mediated," so that an ..., Hegel brings it from the Kantian "in itself" to "for itself." It is only Hegel who can think the parallax in its radicality, as the priority of the inhere
    214 KB (35,802 words) - 09:38, 12 November 2006
  • ...strictest [[sense]] of the world, the religion of sublimity."<ref>[[G.W.F. Hegel]], <i>[[Philosophy]] of [[Mind]]</i>, Oxford: Clarendon Press 1971, p. 44.< Here Hegel's [[logic]] of [[triad]]s gets stuck into a deadlock: the triad that offers
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  • ...]], while Christianity, with its Trinity, is a compromise with polytheism; Hegel even designates Islam as THE “religion of sublimity” at its purest, as]] prescriptions that constitute the tradition of a [[community]], what Hegel would have called its "ethical substance") and its obscene [[Other, the]] u
    49 KB (8,295 words) - 12:10, 27 May 2019
  • ...d the feeling.<ref>C.S.Lewis, <i>Surprised by Joy</i>, [[London]]: Fontana Books, 1977, p. 174-5.</ref></blockquote> ...ECRET</b></tt> - <tt><b>TO BE REVEALED BEHIND IT</b></tt>. To paraphrase [[Hegel]]'s famous [[formula]] from his [[Phenomenology]], behind the curtain of th
    32 KB (5,435 words) - 19:30, 20 May 2019
  • ...course, a true revolution revolutionizes its own starting presuppositions. Hegel had a presentiment of this necessity when he wrote, "It is a modern folly t ...cracy," i.e., in the rise of "illiberal democracy at home and abroad" (the books subtitle).<br><br>
    55 KB (8,847 words) - 18:21, 24 May 2019
  • ...a secondary distortion of the Oedipal [[text]], the Oedipus myth is (as [[Hegel]] already claimed) the grounding myth of the Western Greek [[civilization]] ...God repeatedly appears and then withdraws into himself, in his Beyond. As Hegel put it, what dies on the Cross is NOT the human incarnation of the transcen
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  • ...he definitive exercises in Deleuzian politics) is that we are dealing with books which refer to and function as the moment of theoretical reflection of-one ...esentatives, people establish what their interests and opinions are. As [[Hegel]] already knew, "absolute democracy" could only actualize itself in the gui
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  • ...i>Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader</i>, New York: Thomas Dunne Books 2004, p. 85.</ref></blockquote> ...ef>4. Robert Axelrod, <i>The Evolution of Cooperation</i>, New York: Basic Books 1984.</ref> Individualism versus communitarianism, utilitarianism versus [[
    74 KB (12,129 words) - 05:19, 1 June 2019
  • ...Semitic and anti-Christian caricatures that abound in the press and school-books in Muslim countries? Where is here the respect for other people and their r ...otie</i>, Paris: Les Editions de Minuit 2004, p.112-114.</ref> As already Hegel was well aware, there is something violent in the very symbolization of a t
    43 KB (7,118 words) - 09:37, 12 November 2006
  • [[Hegel]] would not have shrunk from the idea of the human genome and biogenetic in * [[Bring Me My Philips Mental Jacket]]. ''[[London]] Review of Books''. Volume 25. Number 10. May 22, 2003. <
    19 KB (3,145 words) - 14:38, 27 May 2019

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