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  • ...t = John | title = Attachment and Loss: Vol I, 2nd Ed. | publisher = Basic Books | pages = 13-23| year = 1999 | id = ISBN 0-465-00543-8}}</ref> ...edited and abridged by Lionell Trilling and Steven Marcus (New York: Basic Books, 1961), p. 253.</ref>
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  • * Miller, George A., Galanter, E., and Karl H. Pribram. (1960). Plans and the structure of behavior, New York: Holt, Ri * Pribram, Karl H., Gill, Merton M. (1976). Freud's "Project" reassessed. London: Hutchinso
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  • ...odities, who provided perfect descriptions of the [[capitalist]] dynamics, Marx of the [[Cultural]] Studies, who portrayed the [[alienation]] and [[reifica One is therefore tempted to turn around Marx's [[thesis]] 11: the first task today is precisely NOT to succumb to the te
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  • ...hy versus ordinary sado-maso porno movies? This is the element of truth in Karl-Heinz Stockhausen's provocative [[statement]] that the planes hitting the W ...l [[affect]] only people who share a determinate genome)? In contrast to [[Marx]] who relied on the notion of [[fetish]] as a solid object whose [[stable]]
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  • ...l subject is not that of what Kant calls a transcendental illusion or what Marx calls the objectively-necessary form of thought. First, the transcendental ...content of this concept is »all the modes of production which do not fit Marx's standard categorization of the modes of production«), not to mention tod
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  • ...f food) violates the ritual [[value]], the one that, according to Lacan, [[Marx]] neglected in his account of value:<br><br> ...ion]],"<font color="#de0031"><a name="5x"></a><a href="#5">5</a></font> as Marx put it, using the precise Hegelian term. And the same goes for desire: ther
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  • ...Semitic and anti-Christian caricatures that abound in the press and school-books in Muslim countries? Where is here the respect for other people and their r ...s of the political <i>imbroglio</i> of the French revolution of 1848, Karl Marx pointed out the paradoxical status of the ruling Party of the Order. It was
    43 KB (7,118 words) - 09:37, 12 November 2006
  • .... (This gap was even wider in the case of the [[October Revolution]].) [[Marx]]’s point, however, is not the commonsensical one, that the vulgar [[real * [[Karl Marx]]
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  • ...himself, Kojève came to postulate as early as the 1950s that while [[Karl Marx]]'s [[philosophy]] of [[history]] was correct, and that history was progres ...urnal ''Commentaire'' in an article entitled 'Capitalisme et socialisme: [[Marx]] est Dieu; Ford est son prophète.' Some critics of [[Fukuyama]] have poin
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  • ...n those of a [[philosopher]] he is said to have influenced heavily, [[Karl Marx]]. The term is also associated with the empirical [[social]] [[sciences]] a The Austrian/English philosopher [[Karl Popper]] attacked what he saw as "historicism" along with the [[determinism
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  • ...tudying [[sociology]] under [[Alfred Weber]] (brother of [[Max Weber]]), [[Karl Jaspers]], and [[Heinrich Rickert]]. Fromm received his [[Doctor of Philos ...hile, Fromm maintained his own clinical practice and published a series of books.
    12 KB (1,673 words) - 01:42, 24 May 2019
  • main influences on [[Slavoj Zizek]]'s work are [[G.W.F. Hegel]], [[Karl Marx]] and [[Jacques Lacan]]. # [[Marx]] is the inspiration behind Zizek's work, for what he is trying to do is to
    39 KB (6,629 words) - 02:26, 5 June 2006
  • ...An [[Introduction to Jacques Lacan]] through Popular [[Culture]] (October Books) | class="s4" dir="ltr" | Karnac Books
    449 KB (71,997 words) - 15:32, 9 June 2019
  • ...ue should go hand in hand with a fearless admission of what, to paraphrase Marx's judgment on Hegel's dialectics, one is tempted to call the "rational kern ...Engels, "Introduction (1891) to Karl Marx, The Civil War in France", in ''Marx/Engels/Lenin: On Historical Materialism'', New York: International Publishe
    87 KB (14,415 words) - 13:46, 14 June 2007
  • in the square where [[Lenin]] had once lived and written one of his books. When we get there, there is little to see apart from a statue of Gandhi - ...tember 11]]. His brand of [[social]] theory - a peculiar amalgam of Karl [[Marx]], the [[French]] [[psychoanalyst]] Jacques [[Lacan]] and the trash can of
    9 KB (1,544 words) - 16:16, 25 May 2019
  • ...again criticized for "Leftist deviation and vulgarity" (i.e., for dragging Marx and Lenin into it). Desperate to contribute something - anything - to the 2 ...sts and Legitimists) in the "anonymous kingdom of the Republic". <ref>Karl Marx, "Class Struggles in France," <i>Collected Works</i>, Vol. 10, London: Lawr
    19 KB (3,244 words) - 12:00, 12 January 2008
  • ...ent one." <ref>Walter Benjamin, <em>Illuminations</em>, New York: Schocken Books 1969, p. 254.</ref> Can this "weak messianic power" still be asserted in th ...o resemble God, to strive to be perfect and "like God." Recall the classic Marx brothers joke: "You resemble Emmanuel Ravelli." "But I am Emmanuel Ravelli.
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  • | Duke [[University]] Press Books ...rld than a modest [[change]] in the [[mode of production]]. Lenin retooled Marx's thought for specific historical [[conditions]] in 1914, and ''Lenin Reloa
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  • ...meiro como tragédia, depois como farsa - analogia à famosa frase de Karl Marx em O dezoito brumário sobre a repetição dos Bonaparte no poder (Napoleã ...zek:Books]] [[Category:Slavoj Zizek:Bibliography]] [[Category:Slavoj Zizek Books]]
    3 KB (502 words) - 08:33, 7 June 2019
  • ...meiro como tragédia, depois como farsa - analogia à famosa frase de Karl Marx em O dezoito brumário sobre a repetição dos Bonaparte no poder (Napoleã ...zek:Books]] [[Category:Slavoj Zizek:Bibliography]] [[Category:Slavoj Zizek Books]]
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