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Template:Notice Template:Used in system


Since Template:Tag is obsolete, this template may be used as a replacement for presentation markup.

It takes one parameter: The text to enlarge.

  • {{big|text to make larger}}

If the value passed to the template contains an "=" (equals sign) character it must be done like so:

  • {{big|1=text to make larger}}

or the offending "=" character(s) must be replaced with =.

This template is compatible with the {{IPA}}, and similar templates:

  • {{big|{{IPA|ὡ}}}}

Example of typical usage:

  • Blah blah blah {{big|æ}} versus {{big|œ}} blah blah.

This looks like:

  • Blah blah blah æ versus œ blah blah.


Template:TemplateData header

<templatedata> {

 "description": "Makes the font larger. Equivalent to ...",
 "params": {
   "1": {
     "label": "Text",
     "description": "The text to enlarge.",
     "type": "string",
     "required": true

} </templatedata>

See also

Font size templates
Template Size Semantics Sample
{{small}} 85% Template:Tag Template:Small
{{smaller}} 90% none Script error: No such module "Font".
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{{midsize}} 92% none HHHHH
none 100% none HHHHH
{{larger}} 110% none Template:Resize
{{big}} 120% none HHHHH
{{large}} large none Template:Resize
{{huge}} 180% none HHHHH
{{resize|x%}} custom none
{{font|size=x%}} custom none