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This template is used to format figures in the WikiJournal of Medicine. In particular, attribution has to be listed for figures not generated by the corresponding authors.


Single images

 |number      = figure number (for supplementary figures use S1, S2 etc.)
 |image       = example.jpg
 |caption     = description and legend of figure
 |attribution = author (name or username) and copyright/lisencing information (CC-BY-SA, public domain etc.)
 |align       = horizontal position (left, right or centre, default = left)
 |size        = width (default = 250px)
 |pad         = padding (default = 10px 10px 15px 0px)

Can also be abbreviated as: {{fig|1|wikipedia-logo.png|capt|attrib|size=100px}} to produce:


Figure 1 | capt Script error: No such module "Font".

Multi-part images

The template is also fully compatible with multipart figures. It uses the same syntax as {{mulitple image}}. Figures are labelled as parts A, B, C, etc and all captions are listed at the bottom.

 |...         = same as for single image version
 |direction   = vertical or horizontal (default = vertical)
 |image1      = example.jpg
 |caption1    = description and legend of figure
 |alt1        = mouse-over text
 |size1       = width (default = 250px)
 |color1      = colour of multi-part text, so can be set to white for dark images (default = black)
 |top1        = top offset of multi-part text (default = 5px)
 |left1       = left offset of multi-part text (default = 5px)

For example {{fig|2|image1=wikipedia-logo.png|image2=wikipedia-logo.png|caption=capt|caption1=caption1|caption2=caption2|alt1=mouse-over|attribution=attrib|size=100px}} produces:





Figure 2 | capt A) caption1 B) caption2 Script error: No such module "Font".

Cross-referencing elsewhere in page

Figures can be linked to by using [[#Fig 1]]. This works with "Figure" "Fig", "Fig." and "Image", with or without a space before the number.

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