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This template italicizes page titles. Article titles cannot contain wiki-formatting, such as '', so article titles cannot be italicized in the normal way. Instead, place this template in the article, normally at the very top. It will then have the following effect:

  • Titles with no parentheses () are fully italicised:
    • FooFoo
    • Talk:FooTalk:Foo
  • Titles which contain parentheses are italicised before the first opening parenthesis:
    • Foo (bar)Foo (bar)
    • Talk:Foo (bar)Talk:Foo (bar)
  • Italicization can be forced on parenthesized text with the |all=yes parameter.

This template should only be used in articles that meet the criteria for italic titles given in the Article titles policy.


Basic usage

{{italic title}}

All parameters

{{italic title|noerror|string=text in title|all=yes}}


  • 1: if this is set to "noerror", error messages are suppressed. See #Errors for more details.
  • all: if this is set to "yes", text in parentheses is italicized.
  • string: instead of italicizing the whole title, italicize only some specific text. For example, using |string=Ally McBeal on the page "List of Ally McBeal episodes" would result in "List of Ally McBeal episodes".

{{DISPLAYTITLE:Desired Title}} can be used instead in cases not covered by the parameters, e.g. two substrings with italics, or italics combined with lowercase first character.


Sometimes you may see red error messages like this at the top of the page:

Warning: Display title "<i>Article title (disambiguation)</i>" overrides earlier display title "<i>Article title</i> (disambiguation)".

This usually means that there is another instance of {{italic title}} on the page, usually added by one of the infoboxes. Certain infoboxes, for example {{infobox album}}, add {{italic title}} by default. Check the template documentation for any infobox used on the page; it may have instructions about how to deal with italic titles. You may be able to adjust the italics from the infobox instead of using {{italic title}} at the top of the article. Or if that doesn't work, you may be able to disable the infobox's italics code altogether.

If you are still having problems, try putting {{italic title}} after the infobox. You can suppress the error message by using the code {{italic title|noerror}}.

Technical details: this template uses the DISPLAYTITLE magic word to italicize the title. Error messages can be produced by any two templates which use this magic word, and are not limited to this template. If you are unsure why you are getting a particular error message, you can ask about it at Wikipedia:Village pump (technical).


If the |string= parameter is used but that string is not found in the title, the page is added to Category:Pages using italic title with no matching string.


  1. REDIRECT Template:TemplateData header

Template:R from move <templatedata> { "description": "A template to italicize article titles", "params": { "1": { "label": "Error options", "description": "If set to \"noerror\", suppresses error messages. Using this is a last-ditch fix - see the template documentation for other options.", "type": "string" }, "all": { "label": "All", "description": "If set to \"yes\", italicization is forced on parenthesized text.", "type": "string", "required": false }, "string": { "label": "String", "description": "Specify a string in the title to italicize, rather than italicizing the entire title.", "type": "string", "required": false } } } </templatedata>

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