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Freudian Dictionary

To the repressed we must rather ascribe a strong upward-driving force, an impulsion to get through to consciousness.[1]
The repressed is only cut off sharply from the ego by the resistances of repression; it can communicate with the ego through the id.[2]

Repressed, Emergence into Conscionsness of the

The repressed material retains its impetus to penetrate into consciousness. It reaches its aim when three conditions are present: (1) When the strength of counter-cathexis is diminished by an illness which acts on the Ego itself, or through a different distribution of cathexis in the Ego, as happens regularly during sleep. (2) When those instincts attached to the repressed material become strengthened. The processes during puberty provide the best example for this. (3) Whenever recent events produce impressions or experiences which are so much like the repressed material that they have the power to awaken it. Thus the recent material gets strengthened by the latent energy of the repressed and the repressed material produces its effect behind the recent material and with its help.[3]

Repressed, Return of the

All phenomena of [neurotic] symptom-formation can be fairly described as "the return of the repressed."[4]


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