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Gorgio Agamben on the Arrest of Julian Assange

"I met Assange two years ago in the Embassy of Ecuador in London and thinking back to what he told me during our meeting, I think we can understand why he was arrested today. Assange told me that he was investigating the use Google was preparing to make of the immense amount of information at its disposal. According to Assange, it was a matter of selling to insurance companies and the Secret Service data on interests, desires, consumption, health, readings, in short, on the life in all its aspects of millions of individuals. According to Assange – and I believe that we can share his judgment – this would have meant an unprecedented increase in the possibilities of control by the economic and police powers over human beings. What is at issue in Assange's arrest is therefore not only the desire to punish Wikileaks' past investigations, but to prevent the ongoing investigation, which is evidently perceived by those concerned as a threat. It is also for this reason that we must express our unreserved solidarity with Assange."