Articles/Martin Luther King Jr/An Exposition Of The First Triad Of Categories Of The Hegelian Logic Being Non Being Becoming

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'An Exposition of the First Triad of Categories of the Hegelian Logic: Being, Non-Being, Becoming' by Martin Luther King, Jr.



This is the last of six essays that Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote for a two-semester seminar on Georg W. F. Hegel taught by Brightman and Peter A. Bertocci. [1]Brightman became ill after the second meeting; he never recovered from his illness, and Bertocci replaced him. The seminar studied many of Hegel's major works in chronological order. During the second semester they concentrated on Hegel's Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences and Philosophy of Right, although they may have read The Philosophy of History as well. In this essay, which is largely derived from W. T. Stace's The Philosophy of Hegel, King discuses a section of the Lesser Logic in the Encyclopedia. Bertocci commented at the end of the paper, "B +, despite a misunderstanding of logics—see above!"