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'The Undoing of an Event' by Slavoj Žižek


"The Act of Killing", directed by Joshua Oppenheimer and Christine Cynn, provides a unique and deeply disturbing insight into the ethical deadlock of global capitalism. The starting point should rather be the dislocating effects of capitalist globalization which, by undermining the "symbolic efficacy" of traditional ethical structures, creates such a moral vacuum. As emphasized in the trailer of the film, "The Act of Killing" is about "killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built." Recently, the Catholic Church has been under attack from different sides for allegedly covering up its own sex abuse scandals. In 2010, the BBC reported that the scandal had to do with how the Catholic Church systematically conceals sexual abuse and other shortcomings. Pope Benedict himself conceded that the Catholic Church had been neither vigilant nor prompt enough in responding to the issue of sexual abuse perpetrated by its clergy.