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‘Beyond Potentialities?: Politics Between the Possible and the Impossible’ by Mark Potocnik, Frank Ruda & Jan Völker


Between institution and emancipation, reform and revolution, the question of possibility is always arising for politics. Are there possibilities to change the order of society? Are there possibilities for a different justice? Where to find them and how to define them? Are they already present in the situation, or do they have to be actively created? Or does one have to rethink collective emancipation in a way that it does not rely upon given possibilities? The present volume assembles articles that investigate this question and the new guise it took from different perspectives and highlight its relevance for contemporary political thought.

Mark Potocnik holds a research position at the Collaborative Research Centre 626 at the Freie Universität Berlin. Currently he is completing a Ph.D. in German on Mediocrity: Poetics of the Average Man. Most recent publications are “Das Poem als Verfahren. Mallarmé mit Badiou,” in Ereignis und Institution. Anknüpfungen an Alain Badiou (2008) and “Becketts Stochastik. Zu einer Stelle in Watt,” in Happy Days. Lebenswissen nach Cavell (2009).

Jelica Šumič is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nova Gorica and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy, Scientific Research Centre in Ljubljana. She has published a number of philosophical works, including articles in Politik der Wahrheit (with Alain Badiou, Jacques Rancière, and Rado Riha; ed. Rado Riha, 1997). Currently, she is working on a forthcoming volume on Volonté et désir (2010) and her book De l’Autre au Même (2011).

Frank Ruda holds a research position at the Collaborative Research Centre 626 at the Freie Universität Berlin. He is co-editor of the book series morale provisoire at the Berlin based publishing house Merve. He has translated works by Badiou and Rancière into German and has published broadly on questions of contemporary philosophy. His publications include Hegel’s Rabble: An Investigation into Hegel’s
Philosophy of Right (2011) and “Humanism Reconsidered, or: Life living Life,” in Filozofski vestnik (2009).