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‘Lacan and Science’ by Jason Glynos


The current volume represents an exciting collection of essays critically examining the relation between modern science and Lacanian psychoanalysis in approaching the question of mental suffering. Lacan & Science also tackles more widely the role and logic of scientific practice in general, taking as its focus psychic processes. Central themes that are explored from a variety of perspectives include the use of mathematics in Lacanian psychoalanysis, the importance of linguistics and Freud’s text in Lacan’s approach, and the central significance attached to ethics and the role of the subject. Constituting an invaluable addition to existing literature, this comprehensive volume offers a fresh insight into Lacan’s conception of the subject and its implications to scientific practice and evidence.

‘Glynos and Stavrakakis have compiled a wide-ranging series of essays which open up new perspectives on psychoanalysis, science and the relations between them. Although psychoanalysts, particularly Lacanians, have been working on these themes for many years there has been no comprehensive English language publication until this volume. This book is essential reading for anyone interested not only in psychoanalysis but also in the philosophy and history of science. Lacan & Science will be a definitive source book for many years to come.’

Darian Leader, Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, London

‘Extremely readable, this important and wonderfully enlightening book delivers a strong response to sceptics who have long questioned the scientific objectivity of psychoanalysis.’

Joan Copjec, Director, Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture, University at Buffalo

‘Lacan & Science embraces contributions by some of the most thoughtful and interesting psychoanalysts and philosophers writing on Lacan today.’

Russell Grigg, Director, Psychoanalytic Studies, Deakin University, Geelong, Australia