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‘Psychoanalysis and …’ by Richard Feldstein & Henry Sussman


Originally published in 1990, Psychoanalysis and… brings together essays by critics whose work demonstrates the lively interpenetration of psychoanalysis and other disciplines. Andrew Ross investigates psychoanalysis and Marxist thought; Joel Fineman reads the “sound of O” in Othello; Jane Gallop asks “Why does Freud giggle when the women leave the room?”; and Ellie Ragland-Sullivan examines Lacan’s seminars on James Joyce. This stimulating collection of work should still be required reading, especially for students of literature. But Psychoanalysis and… demonstrates that psychoanalysis – and theoretical criticism, and feminism, and Lacanian theory, and semiotics, and Marxism, and deconstruction, and literary criticism – was, at the time, a rich and expanding terrain.


Part 1: Psychoanalysis and Theoretical Criticism
1. Psychoanalysis as an Intervention in Contemporary Theory Cary Nelson
2. Psychoanalysis, Literary Criticism, and the Problem of Authority Samuel Weber
3. The Sound of O in Othello: The Real of the Tragedy of Desire Joel Fineman

Part 2: Psychoanalysis and Feminism
4. Why Does Freud Giggle When the Women Leave the Room? Jane Gallop
5. The Female Subject: (What) Does Woman Want? Jerry Aline Flieger

Part 3: Psychoanalysis and Lacanian Theory
6. Lacan’s Seminars on James Joyce: Writing as Symptom and “Singular Solution” Ellie Ragland Sullivan

Part 4: Psychoanalysis and Semiotics
7. The Limits of the Semiotic Approach to Psychoanalysis Slavoj Zizek

Part 5: Psychoanalysis and Marxism
8. The Politics of Impossibility Andrew Ross

Part 6: Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction
9. Psychoanalysis Modern and Post-Modern Henry Sussman
10. Psychoanalysis and Deconstruction and Woman Ruth Salvaggio

Part 7: Psychoanalysis and Literary Criticism
11. The Bostonians and the Figure of the Speaking Woman Claire Kahane
12. Faulkner’s Dispossession of Personae Non Gratae Richard Feldstein
13. A Shattered Globe: Narcissism and Masochism in Virginia Woolf’s Life-Writing Charles Bernheimer

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