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‘Empire’s New Clothes: Reading Hardt and Negri’ by Jodi Dean & Paul Passavant


Since its publciation, Hardt and Negri’s Empire has come to dominate the academic world, stimulating debate and discussion throughout the humanities, social sciences, and into the mainstream media. Empire’s New Clothes addresses Empire in all its complexity, that is as a work of legal and political theory that diagnoses our era and urges liberatory action. More precisely, it will set the outlines of the debate as it is emerging around the claims of Empire.

This collection of critical responses to Empire was first discussed in conversations emerging from panels organized on Empire and on law and globalization at the Law and Society Association Annual Meetings held in Budapest, Hungary, in July of 2001, and at the Critical Legal Conference held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, Great Britain, in early September 2001 (where Antonio Negri took questions via video hookup from Italy). Hence the formation of this collection on Empire crossed the event of September 11.



Introduction: Postmodern Republicanism, Paul A.Passavant

Immanence 1. Can Immanence Explain Social Struggles?, Ernesto Laclau

Transcendence 2. The Immanence of Empire, Peter Fitzpatrick

Market 3. On Divine Markets and the Problem of Justice: Empire as Theodicy, Bill Maurer

Law 4. Legal Imperialism: Empire’s Invisible Hand?, Ruth Buchanan and Sundhya Pahuja

Representation 5. From Empire’s Law to the Multitude’s Rights: Law, Representation, Revolution, Paul A. Passavant

Sovereignty 6. Representing the International: Sovereignty after
Modernity?, Mark Laffey and Jutta Weldes

Global 7. Africa’s Ambiguous Relation to Empire and Empire, Kevin C.Dunn

The Theory & Event Interview: Sovereignty, Multitudes, Absolute Democracy: A Discussion between Michael Hardt and Thomas L.Dumm about Hardt’s and Negri’s Empire

Space 8. The Repositioning of Citizenship: Emergent Subjects and Spaces for Politics, Saskia Sassen

Place 9. The Irrepressible Lightness and Joy of Being Green: Empire and Environmentalism, William Chaloupka

Migration 10. Smooth Politics, Malcolm Bull

Generation 11. Taking the Millennialist Pulse of Empire’s Multitude: A Genealogical Feminist Diagnosis, Lee Quinby

Capitalism 12. The Ideology of the Empire and Its Traps, Slavoj Žižek

Communication 13. The Networked Empire: Communicative Capitalism and the Hope for Politics, Jodi Dean

Revolution 14. The Myth of the Multitude, Kam Shapiro

Event 15. Representation and the Event, Paul A. Passavant and Jodi Dean