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FundraisingThermometer widget
Description:Widget Description::Inserts a Fundraising Thermometer into your wiki. It is drawn using HTML5 canvas, so it will work in all modern browsers without plugins.
Provider:grahams [[Widget Provider::grahams|]]
Code:Widget Code Page::Widget:FundraisingThermometer
Updated:{{#show: Widget:FundraisingThermometer |?Modification date#-F[F j, Y] }} {{#info: If you use code on your wiki which is older than this date you may want to update since your widget may be insecure or broken. |note }}
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To copy this widget to your wiki, cut and paste the entire source of the FundraisingThermometer widget code page into a page called Widget:FundraisingThermometer on your wiki.

If you don't have the Widget extension set up on your wiki, go to its description page on and follow the installation instructions.


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This widget allows you to add a FundraisingThermometer to your wiki page.

To insert this widget, use the following code:



  • percentage - The percentage of the thermometer. If omitted, you must include the currentTotal and goal params
  • currentTotal - The current cash total. This parameter is only used if percentage is omitted
  • goal - The overall cash goal. This parameter is only used if percentage is omitted
  • width - The width of the widget in pixels
  • height - The height of the widget in pixels
  • framed - If true, will wrap the thermometer in a frame with a title indicating the percentage and the "As of" date.
  • asof - A string, usually a date, which will be inserted into the frame header if framed is true

Sample result

11% (as of 08/04/2016)