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Every article has a Talk page that you can use to post questions or comments about that page. This is a great way to get more information. Other users check the Active Talk Pages, so questions often get answered within a few hours. Each user also has a Talk page -- just click on a user name to post a message to that person.

How to post on Talk pages

1. Click on the Discussion tab.

To start, just click on the "Discussion" tab at the top of the article.

2. Then click the Edit tab.

If you're the first person posting on that page, then it'll open an edit window, and you can just start typing. If there's already comments on that page, then just click on the "Edit" tab. Posting on a Talk page is just like editing any other page.

3. Post new headings at the top.

If there are comments on that page already, and you're starting a new conversation, then post your heading at the top. That way people will see it as soon as they come to the page. To create a new heading, put two equals signs around the text, like this: ==Sample new heading==

4. Write your message.

Type your message under the heading, just like a regular page. If you're replying to a message, put a : before your reply -- that indents your message, which helps separate posts and replies.

5. Sign your message.

Typing four tildes in a row ~~~~ automatically adds your signature and a date stamp to your message.
If you want to use the super luxury deluxe signature, as used by the pros, then type this: -- Your Name ' '~~~~' '. Here's an example of how that looks on the page: -- Danny Toughpigs 03:50, 29 January 2006 (UTC)

6. Add a talk box to the article.

Adding a talk box to the article automatically lists your question on the Active Talk Pages list. That'll alert people to your question, and get you some fast answers! To add a talk box, just edit the article, and add this template at the top of the page: {{talk}}.
File:Talk.gif A question about this article has been posted on the talk page.

7. Add the page to your watchlist.

You can also click on the 'watch' link at the top of the page you've just posted in. This will help you keep track of changes and replies to your post. You have your own watchlist, where you can keep tabs on the pages that you're watching. Also, when you look at the Recent Changes, the pages you're watching will show up in bold.