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Welcome to the official TYPO3 Content Management System wiki!
Currently we have 4,355 articles (in different languages) online. Choose one of the following sections to find them:


Getting started
Documents and information to introduce you to TYPO3 and get your first site up and running.

Here you find documents on how to handle basic content on TYPO3 web sites.

This is for more advanced users, who manage other users, add extensions and configure TYPO3.

Help, tips & troubleshooting
Different documents that help you with small and big issues. Here you find the HowTo, FAQ, Glossary and so on.


Documents for people who want to dig deep into TYPO3 and program their own extensions or contribute to the core code.

Manuals for some of the extensions avaliable for TYPO3.

Document Matrix
Listing of documentation and videos in different ways, e.g. for clients, technical knowledge, skill level etc.

Other languages
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 Projects & teams

Release Notes for TYPO3 4.0

Different project work in progress - from developing new extensions to writing a new document.

TYPO3 team pages, with information about them and their work.

Some TYPO3 user groups have their own pages at the wiki. Visit them here.

TYPO3 Association
TYPO3 Conference
TYPO3 Snowboard tour

If you want to follow discussions and share your opinion you can join the official documentation
mailing list or news group. (They both have the same content and are synchronized.)