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Welcome to the Valve Developer Community! From here on in you can forget Valve - every page you see with an edit tab, including this one, is likely written or at least altered by someone in the community (though Valve staff are sometimes among them). If you want to do the same, go right ahead! Otherwise, take a look at the Categories or run a search to find what you want.

Cross-Purpose and General Development

  • VERC - Valve Editing Resource Collective. This site's predecessor, which offers primarily HL1 resources (Official)


  • Custom Source Tools - Source Mapping Compile Tools - Faster, and more helpful with errors over the V Tools (Includes 64bit, and Linux versions)



Map Archives

  • 17buddies - French community of gamers - Map Downloads, tools .

Image Creation and Editing

  • Adobe Photoshop - The standard image editing tool in the industy, used by professionals all over the world. Very expensive.

3D Modelling, Animation and Rendering

  • 3D Studio Max - Powerful tool for modeling and animation, one of the industry's best. Expensive.


Content for your project.

Photo Reference

  • - Human Photo References for 3D Artists and Game Developers (large source -partly free)

Game Design


Steam Applications