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Welcome to WikiSchool, a site designed to help students with their homework, webmasters design sites, gardeners grow flowers, and anything else you can think of. Students can get help with their homework or schoolwork, and teachers can get lessons to print out for their students to complete. Parents can get print out worksheets for their children to complete to enhance their learning. Additionally, everyone can contribute to WikiSchool by adding their own lessons and examples, and editing existing work. Access to WikiSchool is totally free, supported by ads at the bottom of your screen. We will never ask you to buy or upgrade to see anything, nor link to another site and ask you to buy something. WikiSchool is an open-source project listed on Source Forge. The software we use is MediaWiki, which is also open source. Because this is a website, the code cannot be distributed as software would normally be. You may copy articles off WikiSchool and place them on your site or other publication, so long as a properly-formatted link is placed back to WikiSchool and any authors listed on the article are also placed somewhere in your publication. }

Getting Started

To begin using WikiSchool, simply perform a search for whatever it is you're looking for. If you have problems finding something, try to broaden your search terms. For example, if you're looking for "common plural nouns", just enter "common", or "common nouns". Keep in mind, though, that WikiSchool's content is limited at this time. If you'd like to help, submit your own content to WikiSchool.

Adding Your Own Content

To begin, make sure that it isn't already here. If you're trying to add a page about nouns, search for nouns. If it's already there, edit it and add any content you might have that isn't there. If it's not there, enter this into your browers address bar: With Subject:Replace With Title&action=edit

Replace "replace with subject" with whatever subject the page belongs to, such as English, Reading, Math, etc. As for the title, choose whatever the document is about. If it's about Nouns, for example, you'd put English:Nouns. Once you're on the editing page, add your content. Once finished, click save page. Now users of WikiSchool can search and find your document. Feel free to add credits to the bottom of the page, but no ads or spamming.

One of the easiest ways to add content to WikiSchool is to simply find an empty page (has a red title or says there is no content on the page) and add content to the page.

Further Assistance

To further simplify the WikiSchool homepage, and further the effectivness of our FAQ, we've elected to move it here. All the information previously located here, and more, is now located on the Help page.

User Disclaimer

WikiSchool Is a Work In Progress. We cannot be held responsible for inaccurate content. Users can contribute by submitting new lessons and assignments. Please do not post copyrighted or plagiarized material. If you need to place copyrighted or existing material on WikiSchool, please just post a link to the page containing the material, or post an excerpt with credits to the author. If you find any errors in the content on WikiSchool, or you think more should be added to it, feel free to do so. You can find our SourceForge Project page here: to learn more about this project, project news, and to post any problems you may have. Post Comments and "digg" us here:

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