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THis website will focus on Zizek's theories of the subject, one of his most important contributions to critical philosophy.

Zizek's books cover vast range of topics, so I have tried here to collate his thoughts more systematically.

Each chapter will examine the subject in its postmodern, ideologica, gendered and ethnic guises.

Hopefully this website will introduce and explain Zizek's theories, but it is less of a substitute for his own books, and more of a recommendation for reading them. He is often referred to in iconic terms and his readership is often depicted as a 'cult following', but I hope this website will go some way towards popularizing the wonder of Zizek.

For he is altogether one of the brightest and most invigorating thinkers working today.

He writes with an admirable brio, never fails to fofer fresh insight, and engages fully with the world in which we live.