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Editing Pages

You, and any other visitor to the site, may edit the text of any article on this site. If you see an article that's short, factually incorrect, badly written, or otherwise undeserving of a place on the 'net, hit "Edit this page", and get working! Be bold when updating pages! Don't worry too much if your spelling, grammar or prose isn't very good, someone else will come along and fix that. As long as what you have to contribute is relevant and factually correct it's welcome!

Writing style

Where appropriate follow the standard guidelines for writing about biology:

  • References (Author, Date), or reference to websites by simply placing them in single square brackets.
  • Capitalise and italicise binomial nomenclature.
  • Attribute quotes, don't cut and paste entire articles that aren't yours - I'm not having any hints of copyright infringement or plagiarism associated with a domain name I own.

The readers of this site could have any level of biological knowledge - if you're using a specialist term make it a wikilink (see below) to a short page explaining the term (with a link to the wikipedia or equivalent article on the subject where appropriate.

See also: Editorial philosophy, Goals.

Page style

The most useful bit of code you'll need for editing a page is how to link to other pages. This wiki does not use the normal wiki linking method, to link to other EvoWiki pages you must use this code:

[[EvoWiki page you want to link to]] (Evowiki page you want to link to)
[ External link to] (External link to

Other bits of code you might find useful:

'''Bold text''' (Bold text)
''Italic text'' (Italic text)

(Both bold and italics commands use a single quote mark ( ' ) repeated either two or three times. Don't confuse this with a double quote mark.)

You can divide pages up using Titles:


And horizontal lines:


Indents and such:

Bulleted lists:

* Bulleted, unsorted list
** Double bullet

Indented, unbulleted lists:

: Like this
: And this

This is also useful for indenting new paragraphs to keep them in line with a bulleted list.

Numbered lists:

# number automatically
# make it easy to move items around in a list
# let you add items between other items

Special characters

Here are tips for character formatting

Especially diacritical marks, which are quite common in names, should always be written like that, even if your keyboard has them: â ã ä å æ ç

HTML code

Not all HTML code is allowed on the site, but a lot is. Some of the most usefull being <DIV> and <TABLE>:

Table item 1 link.
table item 2

Please refrain from using complicated HTML where Wiki Markup or simpler HTML will suffice, as not all editors will be able to understand the HTML when they come to edit a page. Tables are justified for ordering information, and DIV for positioning objects.

(Click edit help to see the code of this help page.)

Ain't this cool?


Add images like this: [[Image:Darwin.png]]

It will show up like this: Darwin.png

See Wikipedia images and EvoWiki Help: Images for more. Useful image pages include list of images, upload image files, and Orphaned images.

Further information

For more details, check out these pages at Wikipedia: