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The quickest way to find information here is to look it up directly. On the left-hand side of your screen there is a Search box with two buttons under it labeled "Go" and "Search". Just type something into the box, and press enter or click the Go button. This will take you directly to an article. There you will most likely find answers to every question you ever had about bikes, and quite a few you didn't. If you have any problems, the rest of this article suggests ways to solve them.


You may type in something like Object, that takes you to a list of the many things you could mean by it. This is called a disambiguation page, and it's there to make things easier for you. If it wasn't for that, you'd have to read our minds and know exactly what multiword code we'd thought of for each one.


Some things can be called by many names. The objet petit a, for instance, could be called the object small a, the object a, etc. In this case, if you type any of those in, you will be redirected to the proper place. You're welcome. If instead of being redirected you're taken to a search menu, that means that nobody thought of that way of writing it. Just try another form, or try something related like objet or object.


If no such article exists, or if you accidently press the Search button instead of the Go button, our search engine will do its best to help you along. If that isn't working for you, you could try an external search engine.