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Good places to find answers

You can find the answers to many of your questions at the following places:

  • Search — for many questions it's fastest and easiest to use the search box. e.g. To find the capital of South Africa, fill in south africa in the box on the left and click Search.
  • FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help:Contents — information about using No Subject. e.g. "How do I add an image to an article?".
  • Help Desk — the place to ask volunteers questions on how to use No Subject.
  • Reference Desk — for knowledge questions (about anything in the universe other than how to use No Subject) you can ask our volunteers. e.g."What species of penguin appears on the coat of arms of the Arturo Prat Antarctic Naval Base?"
  • New contributors' help page — a range of services to answer newcomer's questions.

Other places to ask questions

  • Each article has a Talk page — click on the article's discussion link at the top of the page — for questions, reporting vandalism or discussions about the article.
  • Village pump is the place for technical and policy issues.