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Wikipedia Reference Desk
The Wikipedia reference desk works like a library reference desk. Before asking a question though, please try using the search box to find the answer you're looking for. For example, to find out more about the Seven Wonders of the World, you can find our article by typing in Seven Wonders of the World into the box above and clicking on go, which will search for it.

Template:Shortcut If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, and that you would like to ask the volunteers at Wikipedia, please select one of the categories below.

Humanities Science Mathematics Language Miscellaneous
To ask questions about history, art, politics, literature, religion, philosophy, law, music, fashion, culture, and society To ask questions about science, medicine, and technology To ask questions about mathematics and computer science To ask questions about spelling, grammar, word etymology, linguistics and language usage; to request translations. Check the FAQs too! To ask questions which don't fit in any of the other categories

Here is a list of our other departments where volunteers answer questions:
Help Desk:
New contributors'
help page
Village Pump:
To ask questions about how to work on articles, how to operate the program to use Wikipedia, and how to participate in Wikipedia A range of services to answer newcomers' questions To ask really tough questions about using Wikipedia, like how to fix a page glitch, adding special features to a page, java scripting, css, etc.

See also:
Help manual Citing Wikipedia General complaints Resolving disputes Collaborations
For our extensive help menu, with information and instructions on every aspect of Wikipedia. For help citing Wikipedia as a reference. For discussions on things that could be fixed or made better. To resolve issues between users. For a directory of key departments and information sources.

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