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In our Editorial philosophy we stated that our primary purpose was the refutation of anti-evolutionism and attacks on the sciences of evolution. However, there is really no limit on what EvoWiki can be used for, and these are some of the ideas we've come up with so far:

  • An encyclopedia of Evolution and Origins, with a glossary of related biological and religious terms.
  • An encyclopedia of creationist arguments and counter arguments, with examples of research where relevant.
  • Academic treatises on evolutionary topics (doesn't have to be directly responding to a creationist argument), e.g. Is Velociraptor a Mesozoic kiwi?
  • Collaborative writing of FAQ or article (e.g. Peppered Moth), for its own sake or for a place like or
  • Annotated bibliography on a topic (e.g., nitrogen fixation).
  • Accumulation of links, quotes and references on the above topics (e.g., transitional fossils).
  • Archiving material from good posts from newsgroups (like Talk.Origins), blogs and bulletin boards, so that you or someone else will be inspired to edit them into a more comprehensive article later on (e.g., there are many great t.o. posts that deserve FAQdom, but often it takes a long time for an author to revisit a topic and develop a FAQ).
  • Databases, tables, lists etc
  • ... whatever other creative uses you come up with (please add them).