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Time Out is a Muppet Wiki process that helps to resolve disputes on an article page, before they turn into an edit war.

Time Out should be called when two editors change an edit back and forth more than two times. This can happen when two editors strongly disagree and revert each other's changes. This kind of cut-and-thrust editing is unproductive and discouraging, and it violates the collaborative spirit of the wiki.

Any editor can call a Time Out by adding this template to the disputed article: {{timeout}}.

Stop hand.png Time Out has been called on this article.
Please see the discussion on the talk page.
Do not edit this article until the question on the talk page has been resolved.

Like the talk box, the Time Out box automatically lists the article in the Active Talk Pages category.

Once the Time Out box has been added to a page, the editors involved in the dispute must discuss the question on the talk page and come to some agreement before the article page is edited again. Other editors can feel free to join that discussion as well.

If Editor A and Editor B are involved in a dispute on an article page, then Editor A can post a Time Out box, and start a discussion on the talk page. At that point, nobody should edit the article until the dispute is resolved. If Editor B chooses not to respond on the talk page for two days, then it will be assumed that Editor B has withdrawn from the dispute, and Editor A (or any other editor) will be able to remove the Time Out box and edit the page.

A dispute will be considered resolved when all of the parties agree -- or at least agree to disagree -- or when one of the parties doesn't respond for two days. If the editors can't come to a consensus after a reasonable period of discussion, then they can create a Vote Page to resolve the issue.

If an editor changes an article during the Time Out period without the agreement of the participants on the talk page, then it will be considered a violation of Muppet Wiki policy. Multiple violations of this policy may result in temporary or permanent block, at the discretion of the Muppet Wiki administrators.