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[[Algebra]] is a branch of [[mathematics]] which reduces the solution of problems to manipulations of [[symbolic]] expressions.
It is important to remember that the [[symbol]]s do not always refer to the same concept throughout [[Lacan]]'s work, but are used in different ways as his work develops.   Therefore some caution should be exercised when referring to the list of equivalences above.
The typographic details and diacritics are extremely important in [[Lacan]]ian [[algebra]].
The difference between upper- and lower-case [[symbol]]s, the difference between italicised and non-italicised [[symbol]]s, the use of the apostrophe, the minus [[sign]], and subscripts; all these details play their part in the [[algebraic]] system.  For example the upper-case letters usually refer to the [[symbolic]] [[order]], whereas the lower-case letters usually refer to the [[imaginary]].   The use of the [[bar]] is also important.
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