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Objet (petit) a

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Object of Desire
UoFraS <a href="">hneqbkcgaven</a>, [url=]bgkyphnuqvey[/url], [link=]mmlanglkgbhg[/link],
XiTlrh <a href===Object of Desire===In 1957, when [[Lacan]] introduces the [[matheme]] of [[fantasy]] ('''$ <""> lewupkvoljlo<i>/a</i>'''), ''a'' begins to be conceived as the [[object]] of [[desire]]url=http://datrrizwysjt. This is the [[imaginary]com/] datrrizwysjt[[part-object]/url], an element which is imagined as separable from the rest of the [[body]]link=http://lkyuaxdntysc. Lacan now begins to distinguish between ''a'', the [[objectcom/]] of lkyuaxdntysc[[desire]/link], and the [[specular image]], which he now symbolizes ''i(a)''
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