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No Subject

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Welcome to [[No Subject]], a free online encylopedia for information related to [[Lacan]]ian [[psychoanalysis]].
It is written collaboratively by an [[active ]] and growing [[community ]] of users.
The information is organized in the [[form ]] of a hypertext, a cross-referential database with non-linear navigational [[structure]].
This "prevalence of the [[text ]] ... makes possible the kind of tightening up" that for [[Jacques Lacan]] "leaves the reader ''no [[other ]] way out than the way in''."<ref>{{L}} [[The Agency of the Letter in the Unconscious or Reason Since Freud]]. 1977, p. 146</ref>
[[No Subject]] is concerned only with providing this "way in".
Please visit the [[No Subject:Community Portal|Community Portal]] to get involved or the [[Help:Contents|help page]] to learn more [[about ]] the site. Feel free to ask questions in the [[Special:Forum|forum]].
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