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==Jacques Lacan==
====The Primacy of the Phallus====
[[Lacan]] has often been accused of "[[phallocentrism]]." And it is [[true ]] that he has asserted that "the phallus is the privileged signifier."<ref>?</ref>
====The Distinction between Phallus and Penis====
The [[meaning ]] of the term [[phallus]], however, has often been misunderstood. The term [[phallus]] must be distinguished from the term [[penis]]. The [[penis]] is an [[organ]] of the [[body]], but least of all an [[organ]], a [[penis]]. The [[phallus]] symbolizes the [[penis]] and the clitoris. It is a [[signifier]]. In short, [[Lacan]]'s [[distinction ]] between the [[penis]] and the [[phallus]] enables [[Freud]]'s [[biology|biologistic account]] of [[male ]] superiority and [[women]]'s [[penis-envy]] to be explained in [[linguistics|linguistic]] and [[symbolic]], and thus historical [[terms]].
==See Also==
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