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A Plea for Leninist Intolerance

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A Plea for Leninist IntoleranceSlavoj Zizek.Critical Inquiry, Winter 2002.  ==Lenin's Choice==
What is tolerance today? The most popular TV show of the fall of 2000 in France, with a viewer rating two times higher than that of the notorious Big Brother reality soap, is C'est mon choix (It's my choice) on France 3, a talk-show whose guest is each time an ordinary (or, exceptionally, wellknown) person who made a peculiar choice that determined his or her entire lifestyle. For example, one of them decided never to wear underwear, another constantly tried to find a more appropriate sexual partner for his father and mother. Extravagance is allowed, solicited even, but with the explicit exclusion of the choices that may disturb the public (say, a person whose choice is to be and act as a racist is a priori excluded).
26. See Lucio Colletti, "Popper e Lenin," "Fine della filosofia" e altri saggi (Rome, 1996), pp. 44-51.
From: Critical Inquiry, ==References==<references/> ==Source==* [[A Plea for Leninist Intolerance]]. ‘’Critical Inquiry’’. Winter 2002. Volume: 28 Issue: 2 Start Page: . pp.542-566 ISSN. <http: 00931896Available//> <http: //>
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