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El Diablo

I was surprised by last week's reaction to Hugo Chavez's speech at the United Nations. From whom did I expect the harshest criticism of the Venezuelan leader, from which end of the political spectrum? Both Jon Stewart and Bill Maher revealed the limits of acceptable political debate in the liberal media. For them the joke is no longer funny when our President is equated with the Devil en espanol. Democrat Charles Rangel stated that he "resent[s] the fact that [Chavez] would come to the United States and criticize President Bush...." I don't think liberals would have become so serious all of a sudden if they did not feel so challenged by a leftist who is actually able to effect a shift in power. Anyway I just want to say it, Hands off Venezuela!


I know I shouldn't spend so much time altering the design of the site. It is always disappointing to see how distorted it is on someone else's computer. But still, I much rather adjust the font settings on my blog than write for it. Do you consider the new design a form of social commentary? I won't even both making the case. Oh that form would generate into content!



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