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Negation of Negation

The only time Marx uses the term 'negation of negation' in capital, apropos of the 'expropriation of expropriators' in socialism, he has in mind precisely such a two-stag eprocess. THe (mythical) starting poitn is the state in which producers own their means of production; in the first stage, the process of expropriation tkaes place within the frame of the private ownership of the means of production, which means that the expropriation of the majority amounts to the appropriation and concentration of the ownership of the means of production in a small class (of capitalists); in the second stage, these expropriations are themselves expropriated, since the veyr form of private ownership is abolished... What is of interest here is that, in Marx's eyes, capitalism itself, in its very notion, is conceived as a point of passage between the two more 'stable' modes of production: capitalism lives off the incomplete realization of its own project (the same point was later made by Deleuze, who emphasized that capitalism poses a limit to the very forces of 'deterritorialization' it itself unleashes).[1]

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