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14 décembre 1976 Séminaire XXIV (1976-1977): "L'insu que sait de l'une-bévue s'aile à mourre" mp3

Text in French

11 janvier 1977 Séminaire XXIV (1976-1977): "L'insu que sait de l'une-bévue s'aile à mourre" mp3

Text in French

1976-1977 (about 50 pp.)-SEMINAIRE XXIV: L'INSU QUE SAlT DE L'UNE BEVUE S'A1LE A MOURRE (SEMINAR XXlV)-1877-187i

We really are into equivocation here, although it is a well-coded equivocation. L'insu (the non-known) is the inaccessible to knowledge (92). L'insu que sait (the non-known that knows) plays on L'insu que c' est (the non-known that is it). L'insu qu' on sait (d partir) de l'une-bevue, the non-known that one knows from a blunder, constitutes the new formula for the unconscious. S' aile d mourrebh sounds like c' est/' amour (it is love). And aile (wing, also sounds like elle, she) flies in the jeu de mourre, a game of guessing played by two players with their fingers. The equivocation on I'amour/La mou"e, borrowed from Apollinaire, was already present in Fonction et Champ (24). Your turn to play!

Although. during this seminar. Laean wanted to go "further than the un�conscious." what took place was mainly the repetition of the by now hack�neyed themcs, on man and woman, the parasited mother. the proper name. thc ego. identifications, etc. To transform the hysteric into hystoric (on the topological figure of the torus), the toric into a cudgel Itrique] in front of a hole, and matter [matiere] into ame-a-tiers (soul with a third party) did not much change this situation. A short excursion in the direction of mystic pos�session during the events at Saint-Medard (1727) illustrated the fact that the hysteric is both a threat against a certain knowledge and an "agent of its production via the master-signifier," a thesis that had already been argued in 1969 (73). Anecdotes followed one another, as did self-references.

Thc desire remained to discover a nelV signifier on the basis of the re�searches on the symptom (94): "A signifier that, like the Real. would not have any kind of meaning." The seminar ends with that.

gg. L' elangues is a "distention" of les langues, languages. hh. Aile means wing, and la mourre is a game of chance and guessing. S' aile d mourre thus means that which flies in the game of guessing.


The punning French title of this seminar is based on a fanciful French translation of the German word for the unconscious, "Unbewusste," as "une-bévue," which means a blunder or a mistake. As written, the title might be translated as "The unknown that knows about the one-blunder chances love." But as spoken, with written puns ignored, the French title might be rendered most simply as "L'insuccès de l'une-bévue, c'est l'amour," which means "Love is the failure of the one-blunder."