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Where are the French copies of Seminar VIII?

Riot Hero (talkcontribs)

Where are the French copies of Seminar VIII?

Riot Hero (talkcontribs)
I 1953-4 Freud's technical writings
II 1954-5 The Ego in Freud's Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis
III 1955-6 The Psychoses
IV 1956-7 The Object Relations
V 1957-8 The Formations of the Unconscious
VI 1958-9 Desire and its Interpretation
VII 1959-60 The Ethics of Psychoanalysis
VIII 1960-1 Transference
IX 1961-2 Identification
? 1963 The Names of the Father
X 1962-3 Anxiety
XI 1964 The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis
XII 1964-5 Crucial Problems for Psychoanalysis
XIII 1965-6 The Object of Psychoanalysis
XIV 1966-7 The Logic of Fantasy
XV 1967-8 The Psychoanalytic Act
XVI 1968-9 From One Other to the Other
XVII 1969-70 The Reverse of Psychoanalysis
XVIII 1971 On a Discourse That Would Not Be Semblance
XIX 1971-2 ...Or Worse
XIX.b 1971-2 The knowledge of the psychoanalyst
XX 1972-3 Encore
XXI 1973-4 The Non-Duped Err
XXII 1974-5 RSI
XXIII 1975-6 The Sinthome
XXIV 1976-7 One Knew That It Was a Mistaken Moon on the Wings of Love
XXV 1977-8 The Moment of Concluding
XXVI 1978-9 Topology and Time
XXVII 1980 Dissolution
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